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Pat Brady

  • Incorporating Composition and Collaborative Playing into Piano Lessons
  • The French Rachmaninoff: Piano Music of Albert Roussel

Lise Keiter-Brotzman

  • The Piano Music of Charles Griffes: "An American Impressionist"
  • The Piano Music of Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel, and which of her compositions are suited for intermediate-level pianists?
  • Memorization Techniques
  • Piano or Chamber Music Master Class
  • Contact for other topics.

Ginny Koun

  • Motivation-Beyond the 30 minute lesson
  • Studio Management/Professional and Business Practices
  • Summer Music Camps, a Great Summer Money Maker and Motivator
  • Including Music History in Your Curriculum (with Fay Barss)

Nancy Longmyer

  • The Independent Music Teacher: A Guide to Financial Security.
  • The Independent Music Teacher: Setting Up a Music Studio and Maintaining It.
  • Setting Up an Independent Studio: Suggestions for Development, Successful Maintenance and Financial Security (This is a combination of the first two topics).
  • Teaching Student to Hear and Listen.
  • Teaching Students to Hear and Listen with Emphases on the Ear Testing Requirements of the Royal Conservatory of Music and the National Music Certificate Program.
  • Developing Sight Reading Skills.
  • Composer Collections for the Elementary and Early Intermediate Student.
  • The Skills Connection: Integrating Music Theory, Sightreading, Eartraining, and Keyboard Skills.

Bonnie Kellert, NCTM

  • Attaining Greater Performance in Young Musicians
  • Suggestions for Identifying & Achieving an Expressive Performance
  • Addressing and Solving Technical Problems
  • 10 Technical Problems and Issues Facing Pianists: Suggested Solutions
  • Uncovering the Secrets of Pedaling
  • Chopin and Panache
  • Falling in Love with Mendelssohn
  • How to Inspire Your Students and Yourself
  • Motivating Your Students to Memorize
  • Master class

Rosita Kerr Mang

  • Practicing Stage Magic
  • The art of Musical Diagnosis: Is there a doctor in the house? Talk and video. Need TV, VHS (and overhead projector if available).
  • Performing as a motivational tool. Ideas on how to create performance opportunities for students.
  • My Students Practice. Monitoring and helping the student the other six days!!
  • Relationships: the core of our business.
  • Creating "artificial" talent or the meat and potatoes of an Independent Music Teacher

Arlene Manger

  • Reflections on the Piano Teaching of Dr. Nelita True

Melissa Marrion

  • Piano Master Class
  • Contact for other topics.

Michael Sitton

  • The Debussy Preludes: A Teaching Overview
  • French Keyboard Music: History, Performance, and Pedagogy
  • An Overview of Classic-Era Repertoire and Performance Practice for Pianists and Teachers
  • Ensemble Music as a Teaching Vehicle
  • Schubert: Life, Musical Style, and Piano Repertoire
  • Contact for other topics.

Martha K. Smith

  • Positive Approaches to Teaching Adolescents
  • Motivating Elementary Piano Students

Jeanette Winsor
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  • Why Piano Teachers Should Practice
  • The Nuts and Bolts of Accompanying
  • How to Deal with the ADHD and LD Student in the Private Studio
  • Clementi for You and Your Advanced Students
  • Piano Music by Women Composers for You and Your Students
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