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Adrienne Albert (ASCAP)
Los Angeles, CA
Works in Member Catalog: 42
Online Audio Samples in Member Catalog: 21
Recordings in CDs & Cassettes Page: 3

Karen Amanda Amrhein (ASCAP)
6808 Old Harford Road
Baltimore, MD  21234
Works in Member Catalog: 26
Online Audio Samples in Member Catalog: 19
Recordings in CDs & Cassettes Page: 7


Marilyn Bliss (BMI)
34-40 79th St. (5e)
Jackson Heights, NY  11372
H: (718) 565-0469
Works in Member Catalog: 23
Recordings in CDs & Cassettes Page: 3

Allen Brings (ASCAP)
199 Mountain Road
Wilton, CT  06897-1526
H: (203) 762-5186   F: (203) 762-5186
Works in Member Catalog: 151
Recordings in CDs & Cassettes Page: 18


Yalil Guerra (Other)
Works in Member Catalog: 20
Recordings in CDs & Cassettes Page: 3

Classical music and movies


Diane R. Jones (ASCAP)
Chittenango, NY

I am a composer of contemporary chamber music, and radio announcer on WCNY-FM, Central New York's classical music station. I also perform with Samba Laranja, and the Central New York Flute Choir.


Lori Laitman (BMI)
10713 Stapleford Hall Drive
Potomac, MD  20854
H: (301) 299-7480   O: (240) 388-0644
Recordings in CDs & Cassettes Page: 4

Max Lifchitz (BMI)
Recordings in CDs & Cassettes Page: 5


Timothy Lee Miller (ASCAP)
52 Meadow Lake Drive
Mahwah, NJ  07430
H: (201) 962-3468   O: (201) 675-7096   F: (201) 786-9137
Works in Member Catalog: 15
Online Audio Samples in Member Catalog: 2
Recordings in CDs & Cassettes Page: 1

Composer of classical, jazz, film and video game music. Recordings available on ERM Media, Navona Records, Ansonica Records and Phoenix Classics. I may be available to help where needed in the New York/New Jersey area.

Patricia Morehead (ASCAP)
H: 1-705-635-2906

Composer of serious music (pardon the term), oboist, educator (Columbia College, Merit School of Music, Vermont MIDI)


Joseph Nocella
Prospect Park, PA
Works in Member Catalog: 4

Philadelphia composer/pianist studied composition with Romeo Cascarino. He studied voice with Dolores Ferraro and piano with Morton Berger, Temple Painter, Tom Lawton and jazz improvisation with Al Stauffer. Mr.Nocella received his Master of Music degree at Temple University where he studied composition with Robert Morgan, Clifford Taylor, Maurice Wright and Mathew Greenbaum. He attended master classes and lectures with Ned Rorem, David DelTredici, Robert Moog, Charles Dodge and John Lewis of the Modern Jazz Quartet. His music has been performed by the Concerto Soloists (now The Philadelphia Chamber Orchestra), The National Association of Composers USA, Temple University Composer Series, The Penn Alliance for American Music, Composer Services Inc. and the Crissey Concerts for Philadelphia Composers at the Settlement School.


Lester Orengo (ASCAP)
72 Rogers Lane
Middletown, RI  02842
H: (401) 619-4181
Works in Member Catalog: 1

Composer / Arranger (Classical / Latin Music)


Ms. Vivian Adelberg Rudow (ASCAP)
211 Goodwood Gardens
Baltimore, MD  21210-2531
H: (410) 889-3939   O: (410) 889-3939
Recordings in CDs & Cassettes Page: 2

Freelance composer whose music has been performed around the world. One of a very few composers who has music skills to compose in classical acoustic and electro-acoustic music, and those combined genres Adelberg Rudow's music often expresses emotion, life experiences, and hopes and dreams.

Like Brahms and Bartók, who sometimes used folk music in their works,Vivian enjoys incorporating occasional pop rhythms and vocabulary into her works. Her latest commissions have been for boy choir music.
Visit The Vivian performance art video A Music Garden of Love


Hainu Tan, (ASCAP)
Works in Member Catalog: 1

Hainu Tan's musical style emanating from the interstices of eastern and western cultures that creates an irresistible and engrossing global conversation. Critically acclaimed for a “descriptive and highly innovative” musical voice by the Portland Press Herald, Tan’s musical canon includes the artful and imaginative melding of xylophone, vibraphone, marimba, and cymbals in her acclaimed “Hunting Fireflies”; flute, clarinet, violin, cello, and piano in the entrancing “Sound of Wind”; trumpet and trombone in the inspirational “Ballade pour L'Agneau”; orchestral work in the monumental and spectacular “Rhapsody in Red” from her extensive list of compositions, which may well soon be lauded as contemporary classics. Her works included herein merits not just listeners’ attention but their immersion into Tan’s unique musical milieu, for an experience praised by The American Prize as “virtuosic.” She studied under professor Samuel Adler of The Juilliard School of Music at the Freie Universität Berlin, earned a Master of Music degree from the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston and a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing.

Prize-winning composer and classical pianist with over twenty-seven years of training and performance experience. Exceptional academic performer with first class grade point averages at leading international music institutions and qualifications to teach in a wide range of composition skills. Accomplished musician with expertise in traditional Chinese instrumentation and culture and several years of teaching from graduate level musicologists to novice pianists. Produces ambitious and innovative work that wins awards at international level and demonstrates her commitment to develop further in the discipline.

Hainu Tan has received awards and honors from many organizations, including being the only Asian-born composer has been selected as a finalist for the 2014 American Prize in Composition—Chamber Music—Professional Division, the only Asian-born composer to be honored in the 2013 American Prize in Composition—Chamber Music—Professional Division, the first Chinese-born composer to be sole winner of the annual Bowdoin International Music Festival Composition Competition, and the only winner from mainland China in a field of 142 at the inaugural San Francisco International Center for the Arts Illuminations and Reflections competition for 21st Century Composition. Other awards include those from the 2010 American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers Commission Competition, the 2009 Earplay Donald Aird Memorial International Composers Competition, the 2009 California State University Statewide Research Competition, the 2009 California State University Los Angeles Scholarly Presentation Competition, the 2005 University of Missouri-Kansas City Conservatory Composition Prize, the 2002-01 National Award and the 2002 Viacom Sumner Redstone Award and the 2001 Diligence Student Award from the Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing. She has over 20 years of music teaching experience which includes composition, piano performance, music theory and analysis, ear training and solfège, harmony and counterpoint, instrumentation and orchestration, musical style analysis, music history and literature, world and folk music.

Hainu Tan's dream is to discover her own identity in the universe according to God's original specific purpose, respond in obedience to God's unique calling and plan for her life, and let the Lord Jesus Christ's love and light shine forth throughout the whole world. Through her music, she hopes to convey the way, truth, life, resurrection, faith, peace, blessings, and healing to the poor and the middle class and the rich, the hungry and the well-fed, children and adults, the elderly and youth, the weak and the strong, the sick and the healthy, the physically disabled and abled, the mentally ill and well, those who are alone and those in a community, the desperate and the hopeful, the brokenhearted and the joyful, the marginalized and the recognized, the unemployed and the promoted, the homeless and people with safe and happy homes, the past and present and future generations, who are from all around the world.

“We love because God first loved us.” (1 John 4:19 New International Version) Ms. Tan's greatest desire is the peaceful coexistence of people all over the world. She hopes in the future human society will gradually be integrated into one family: everyone keeps a pure heart to truly understand, care, and help one another and build each other up by pursuing kindness, goodness, gentleness, justice, righteousness, holiness, hope, love, joy, peace, patience, faithfulness, and self-control.


Betty R Wishart (ASCAP)

Rain Worthington (ASCAP)
Works in Member Catalog: 10
Online Audio Samples in Member Catalog: 6
Recordings in CDs & Cassettes Page: 6

Composer of orchestral & chamber music

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