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Deon Nielsen Price: SunRays
[Compact Disc]

 Dr. Deon Nielsen Price, DMA  To the Children of War, Diversions, Crossroads Alley Trio, L'Alma Jubilo, Big Sur Triptych, Hexachord, Fearful, Stile Antico, Affects: A Santa Barbara Rhapsody, A Dad's Prayer
Performers: Darryl Taylor, tenor; Deon Nielsen Price, piano; Ayke Agus, violin; Douglas Masek, clarinet; Gregory Newton, guitar; Bill Wilson, saxophone; Berkeley Price, clarinet; Michael Arnold, clarinet
Label: Cambria Master Recordings.
Product ID: CD 1056
Available From: Cambria Master Recordings.
Available From: Culver Crest Publications. , P.O. Box 4484, Culver City, CA 90231-4484.
Available From: Naxos.

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