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Playlist for July 24, 2017
(length = 01:54:40; repeats every 2 hours)

Till MacIvor Meyn : Orion, movement 3     Richard Montalto : A Long Time Coming
Alan Jay Goldspiel : Day at the Beach I. Sand Crab     Mark Vigil : On The Whim of a Pearl
Richard Montalto : May Etude     Thomas Mann : Pattern Drift for Two Pianos
Yalil Guerra : "El Wititio Dormido" III mov. from the Suite El Batey     Richard Montalto : Cantus III
Mark Eliot Jacobs : Chicago Scenes: 5. Midway Plaisance     Mark Vigil : Rainmakers
Herb Gellis : Short Symphony on Eastern Modes     Jay Derderian : Cretan Lullaby
Paul M. Stouffer : Two Mobiles (#2)     Dale E. Victorine : The Road Not Taken, Op. 77
David Margulies : Run For It     Thomas Mann : Gypsy Scherzo
Scott Anthony Shell : Piece for Flute, Cello, Marimba and Percussion     Till MacIvor Meyn : Orion, movement 4
Yalil Guerra : A la antigua     Vivian Adelberg Rudow : NO REST TOO!
Alan Jay Goldspiel : Day at the Beach I. Sand Crab     

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