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Playlist for May 28, 2017
(length = 01:56:23; repeats every 2 hours)

Joe L. Alexander : Sigh No More     Timothy Lee Miller : No Way Home
David S. Lefkowitz : With/Without [Con/Sol (-ation]: Trio     Deane E. Bottorf : Weekdays suite-Friday
Richard Montalto : All Ye Mountains, Praise the Lord     Lisa Ann Marsh : Evensong
Richard Derby : III of "Twelve Pretudes"     Richard Montalto : Cantus
Joe L. Alexander : Drowned     Richard Derby : II from Twelve Pretudes
John G. Bilotta : Gen'ei no Mai     Vivian Adelberg Rudow : WITH LOVE (Excerpt)
Vivian Adelberg Rudow : Moo-Goo-Gipan-Smash!     Karen Amanda Amrhein : Event Horizon: 1 Prelude
Stephen L. Syverud : H A R M O N Y     Hainu Tan : Sound of Wind
Art I Resnick : Distance for String Trio     Jay Derderian : Mezzonata
Timothy Lee Miller : Kid's Play: IV. Lullabye     David Stephen Bernstein : LATE AUTUMN MOODS AND IMAGES
John G. Bilotta : Petroushka Dreams     Adrienne Albert : SUNSWEPT for flute and piano
Stephen L. Syverud : fred til alle mennesker (Peace To All People)     Yalil Guerra : Suite Cubana. IV. Afro Bolero Rumba
Yalil Guerra : "El Tostao" Suite El Batey     Mark Vigil : The Secret Sky
Mark Vigil : Haec Dies     

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