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Sound Portraits: Orchestra, Chamber and Electro-Acoustic Music by Vivi
[Compact Disc]

 Ms. Vivian Adelberg Rudow  1.SPIRIT OF AMERICA2.JOHN'S SONG, in memory of John J. Hill3.:JOHN'S SONG, VARIATION 1, in memory of John J. Hill4. THE BARE SMOOTH STONE OF YOUR LOVE, in memory of Daniel Malkin5.REBECCA'S RAINBOW RACING AMONG THE STARS, in memory of Rebecca Blackwell6.REBECCA'S SONG, in memory of Rebecca Blackwell7.GO GREEN!8.CUBAN LAWYER, JUAN BLANCO9. DAWN'S JOURNEY, in memory of Dawn Culbertson10.CALL FOR PEACE11.THE HEALING PLACE (poem Grace Cavalieri)12.MOO-GOO-GIPAN SMASH!
Performers: London Philharmonic Orchestra, Jeffrey Silberschlag, conductor;Edward Hoffman, trumpet;! Jonathan Jensen, keyboard. Vivian Adelberg Rudow, electronics;Deanna Bogart, keyboard;Stephen Kates, violoncello, Eun-Jung Shon, piano; Jeffrey Chappell, piano; Eric Conway, piano;Orchestra of St. John's, Ronald Mutchnik, conductor, Sara Nichols flute solo;Juan Blanco, dialogue, Vivian Adelberg Rudow, edited dialogue, acoustic and electronic music, SherifShalaam, Latin rhythms;Dawn Culbertson, end spoken words, Vivian Adelberg Rudow, acoustic and electronic music, dance music excerpts by Bare Necessities, courtesy Rounder Records;Sara Nichols, flute, Vivian Adelberg Rudow, acoustic and electronic music; Grace Cavalieri, poem, Joseph Eubanks, narrator,Res MusicAmerica, ensemble, Vivian Adelberg Rudow acoustic and electronic music; Electronic music Vivian Adelberg Rudow
Label: MSR Classics.
Product ID: 1308
Available From: Amazon.Com.
Available From: MSR Classics.

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