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Mystery - The Songs of Lori Laitman
[Compact Disc]

 Lori Laitman  The Metropolitan Tower, The Strong House, The Hour, To A Loose Woman, Nightfall, Spray, The Kiss, The Mystery, The Rose, I Sit at my desk, If I thought, Oh the Anguish, You Ask Me, Autumn, Just Us, Echo, The Ballad Singer, The Butterfly, Yes that's the way things are, Birdsong, The Garden, Man Proposes..., The Old House, Along with Me, They Might not need me, The Night has a thousand eyes, Over the Fence, Song, Wild Nights
Performers: Phyllis Bryn-Julson, Seth Knopp, Thomas Kraines, Lori Laitman, Gary Louie, William Sharp, Lauren Wagner, Frederick Weldy
Label: Albany Music Distributers (AMD). , 915 Broadway, Albany 12207.
Product ID: Troy 393
Available From: Amazon.Com.
Available From: Tower Records.

Total CDs: 1


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