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Elliott Schwarz: Equinox
[Compact Disc]

Elliott Schwartz: Tapestry, Phoenix, Vienna Dreams, Rows Garden, Equinox
Performers: Renee Jolles; Charles Kaufmann; Blair McMillan; Brent Samuel; Elliott Schwartz; Fibonacci Sequence (Yuko Inoue, Julian Farrell, Kathron Sturrock); Prometheus Chamber Players (John Boden, Gregory Newton, Thomas Parchman, Krysia Tripp, Michelle Vigneau); Netherlands National Youth Orchestra, Roland Kieft, cond.
Label: NEW MUSIC Publ. and Recordings. , 9 Crestwood Drive, San Rafael, CA 94901. MUS 20TH C@aol.com.
Product ID: NW 80582
Available From: Tower Records.

Total CDs: 1


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