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Conners Publications is in its seventeenth year. What we began with three composers has grown to include thirty-nine international composers, arrangers, and authors. Although we will continue to look for others to join the Conners family, we are making a re-commitment to our current members to increase the size of their representation in our catalogue. For a bit of exciting news, several of our works are included in the upcoming National Federation of Music Clubs (NFMC) Festival Bulletin for 2011-2012-2013. Those pieces are listed below.

After many years of not raising our prices on the majority of sheet music in our catalog, years of cost increases on supplies and printing have finally necessitated we make a minimum increase in our pricing. As we strive to keep our costs as reasonable as possible, the US postal rates continue to increase. Although at the time of printing we are keeping our postal rates the same as last year, please note that when the USPS makes another change, we will have to alter those costs.

Our association with PayPal has been beneficial for us and hopefully you. Customers may still pay by sending us a check or money order with a paper or e-mail order; or with a credit card through PayPal at our website. If you do not wish to use PayPal or deal with us directly, all our music may be ordered through two distributors---Theodore Front and J.W. Pepper . Many of our pieces are listed on their websites, but if a work is not, you may still order it by calling them directly. Those phone numbers are listed on their sites. Of course, your local music store may also order music directly through us.

We will continue the tradition of having only one paper catalog per year that we will provide with first-time orders. For those who are just requesting a paper catalog, you will be put on our bulk mailing list to receive yours when our catalogs are mailed twice a year. We are also deciding since our catalog is increasing in size—along with the cost of producing it—whether it would be best to eliminate an actual paper catalog except with orders and instead give you the opportunity to download a catalog through the website. Of course, our most up-to-date listings are provided through the website.

Please help us keep our costs as low as possible by passing this catalogue along to a friend or leave it in your Faculty Lounge or meeting place when you are finished. Please send us your name, address and e-mail address, or contact us through our website if you want to be included in flyer updates through e-mail. For specific flyer updates, please tell us your particular instrument or voice. We welcome any comments or suggestions concerning ways we can serve you better.

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