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With the discontinuation of the "Earlier American Music" reprint series by Da Capo Press, Conners Publications is pleased to fill the void by establishing the "Music of America" reprint series. The "Music of America" reprint series contains significant music from America's past. For further information and/or proposals for future volumes, contact the series editor, G. A. Benner, c/o Conners Publications.

Music of America #1


The Sylviad: or,
Minstrelsy of Nature in the Wilds of North America
(reprint of Boston, 1823, 1825-26)
by Anthony Philip Heinrich (1781-1861)
(The Dawning of Music in Kentucky and The Western Minstrel)

prepared, with introduction, by J. Bunker Clark

The Sylviad was originally published to impress the Royal Academy of Music, to which it is dedicated, before Heinrich traveled to London to advance his career. The thirty-four works--for piano, solo voice, or vocal ensemble--are sometimes amusing, sometimes simple, sometimes fiendishly difficult, especially the two toccatas for piano. Not only is this Bohemian-born composer America's first genius of art music, in the pages of The Sylviad are found many avant-garde elements of the Romantic century: virtuosity, extreme chromaticism, complex experimental harmonies, unconventional formal structures, expression of personal feelings and experiences, and intense nationalism.

hard-cover  /  acid free paper (8" x 11")  /  xi + 359 pages  /  ISBN 0-9654324-0-8
$65.95 plus $6.00 S&H [$10 S&H overseas surface; $20 air]
SPECIAL PRICE REDUCTION: $45.00 includes S&H [$55.00 for overseas purchases]

$45.00 plus $0.00 S&H
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". . . we are indebted to both Professor Clark and Conners Publications for presenting an extraordinary volume of early American music that, for most of the musical public, has been known in name only." -- Douglas A. Lee, Sonneck Society Bulletin

". . . the appearance of 'The Sylviad' was very welcome and we bought it right away. It is a handsome volume at a fair price and adds to our growing collection supporting a higher level class in American music." -- Barry J. Zaslow, Music Librarian, Miami University

"This collection deserves to be in every college and university library and should be owned by pianists, singers and directors of choral groups who have interest in this fascinating period of early Americana. . . . it is highly recommended." -- Maurice Hinson, American Music Teacher Magazine

". . . this reprint . . . represents an admirable addition to the editions of early American music now available and will hopefully spawn continued interest in the research, reissue, and performance of Heinrich's music . . ." --Cheryl T. Taranto, Notes Journal

Playing the Piano Naturally
by Vicki King

Now in its second printing!

This book is a must for all piano teachers and serious students of piano. It compares playing the piano to things we do with our hands every day and unlocks the door to effortless, natural piano playing. Dr. King gives practical ideas on playing scales, trills, octaves, as well as troublesome jumps in Brahms and sparkling runs in Mozart sonatas. The ideas are so simple and easy, you will say, "Why has no one told me this before?"

soft cover  /  acid free paper (6" x 9")  /  xii + 51 pages  /  ISBN 0-9654324-1-6
$11.95 plus shipping and handling

$11.95 plus $3.50 S&H
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$11.95 plus $9.00 S&H Overseas Air

Besides being a favorite source for teachers of individual piano students, this book is also being used as a text for Piano Pedagogy classes at many colleges and universities. If you are interested in offering this book to your students, please inquire about our special multi-order rates.

"I really liked it for its no nonsense approach." -- Elaine Moss, Piano Instructor, St. Norbert College

"I love the book. The idea about the bread dough - it's brilliant!" -- Dr. Lynn Rice-See, Professor of Piano, East Tennessee State University

"I am sure that both teachers and students will find the contents useful." -- Dr. Terry McRoberts, Professor of Piano, Union University

"I love it! Everything you say just makes so much sense. I wish I could have read it and had my first piano teacher read it 10 years ago." -- Andrea D. La Vigne, Piano Performance Major, University of Texas at Tyler

"One of the things that I like most about your book is its concise, clear and plain-English nature. . . . It is a very fine, written springboard for the necessary physical, kinesthetic learning process. I will certainly introduce it to my piano students of all levels and require my piano pedagogy students to read it. . . . You have done us all a great service." -- Barbara Lister-Sink, Piano Pedagogue and Clinician, Winston-Salem, NC

"[Your book answers] what one needs to think about and actually do while playing. . . . [thank you] for such a concise, dynamically written handbook that everyone, not just aspiring adult students, should own." -- Nell Schaenen, Amateur Pianist, Sanibel Island, FL

In the process of becoming available:

Music of America #2


by Wallace McKenzie

Currently sixty-one musical examples ranging from the Ainsworth Psalter in the seventeenth century to Charles Ives in the dawn of the 20th century, Wallace McKenzie's Anthology of Music in America to 1900 presents a new perspective regarding this period in American Music. All musical examples are in modern notation for ease of teaching and understanding. We hope to have this Anthology available by early Spring (2001). For further inquiries, please visit our website or contact us.

soft-cover  /  acid free paper (8 1/2" x 11")  /  ISBN 0-9654324-2-4
This edition is currently on hold. Please check back for further information.

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